2018 Campaign to Make NBA All Star Weekend Great Again!

Let's face it, the 2017 NBA All Star Weekend was horrible. Aaron Gordon couldn't finish a dunk. Klay Thompson couldn't hit a 3 pointer. The Celebrity game you saw an overweight Master P missing layups. It had so much potential, but everything was a bad let down. The Sunday All-Star Game was average watching unibrow put up 52 was okay. The NBA All Star Weekend is back in LA for 2018. This is the first blog on one mans attempt to make the NBA All Star Weekend great again. How do you do that? Well, Zach LaVine should be back from injury and hopefully returns to the dunk contest. As does Aaron Gordon, but this time he actually just tries to dunk it instead of trying go through legs. The 3 point shoot out Steph Curry and Thompson battle it out. The celebrity game Kevin Hart comes out of retirement, and joins snoop dogg. Drake, Diddy, JT, and Bieber come back to play. The Sunday All-Star Game you have more drama from KD and Westbrook knowing that Westbrook is playing for Lakers. So, these are just some of the things that could make the 2018 NBA All Star Weekend Great Again. We are hoping for all.